Kubota L47 Problems

Kubota L47 problems can include issues with the engine, transmission, or hydraulics. Common engine problems include difficulty starting the tractor due to a faulty fuel system, or a lack of power when running as caused by worn spark plugs or air filters. Transmission issues could involve slipping gears and a loss of power while driving.

Hydraulic problems may present themselves in the form of slow response times from hydraulic controls, such as when raising and lowering the loader arms. Regular maintenance is key in preventing these issues. Make sure to check fluid levels regularly and replace any belts that show signs of wear and tear.

Kubota L47 owners have reported a range of issues with the tractor, from poor fuel economy to engine problems. Common complaints include difficulty starting the engine, rough idle and stalling due to air intake restrictions or mechanical faults. Other reported issues include hydraulic system troubles, transmission slipping and electrical malfunctions.

Kubota L47 for Sale

Kubota L47 is for sale in many locations across the country. This tractor comes with a powerful 47HP Kubota diesel engine, 4WD, hydrostatic transmission and an optional loader. It has plenty of power to handle your toughest jobs on the farm or property while remaining efficient enough to save you money in fuel costs.

The L47 also features a comfortable cab that provides excellent visibility and ergonomics for all-day comfort and productivity. Whether you’re looking for a reliable workhorse or just need something extra around the yard, Kubota’s L47 is worth checking out!

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Kubota L47 Tlb for Sale

Kubota’s L47 TLB is an excellent choice for anyone looking to purchase a tractor/loader/backhoe combination unit. This powerful machine has a 47HP diesel engine and comes equipped with hydraulic power steering, loader arm suspension, and several other features that make it ideal for landscaping or construction projects. The Kubota L47 TLB is also known for its reliability and low operating costs, making it the perfect choice if you need a versatile machine that won’t break the bank!

L47 Kubota Price

The L47 Kubota tractor has an average price range of around $35,000 to $45,000. This is a great investment for those looking for a reliable and efficient machine that can handle tough jobs with ease. With its powerful engine, hydrostatic transmission and 4WD capabilities, the L47 provides superior performance in even the most challenging conditions.

Kubota L47 Weight

The Kubota L47 is a heavy-duty tractor that has plenty of power. It weighs 8,818 lbs with the loader attached and has a total weight capacity of 4,540 lbs when loaded. The powerful engine delivers 48 horsepower and provides an impressive 2,650 lb-ft of torque.

With its strong frame construction and robust design, this machine can handle even the toughest jobs on any job site or farm.

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Kubota L47 Cab

The Kubota L47 Cab is an impressive piece of machinery designed to make any job easier. Featuring an ergonomically designed cab, the Kubota L47 Cab provides a comfortable and safe working environment while offering superior visibility for the operator. The enclosed cab also provides protection from dust, debris, and weather while providing air conditioning and heating options in order to keep you comfortable all year round.

With its powerful 47-horsepower engine, this machine is capable of tackling tough jobs with ease. Whether you’re mowing the lawn or clearing snow in winter conditions, the Kubota L47 Cab has got you covered!

Kubota L47 Specs

The Kubota L47 is an impressive tractor that features a powerful 3-cylinder diesel engine. It has 47 HP and comes with either 2WD or 4WD, allowing for excellent maneuverability on the farm. The hydrostatic transmission makes it easy to control and its 5F/3R speed settings give you plenty of choices when operating your equipment.

It also has a heavy duty loader frame with mechanical self-leveling, making it ideal for any job around the farm.

Kubota L47 Attachments

Kubota’s L47 series of tractors are designed to tackle tough jobs with ease. To make these machines even more versatile, Kubota offers a variety of attachments for the L47 such as front loaders, backhoes, mowers, and snow blowers. The attachments provide additional functions that allow you to customize your tractor for whatever task you may need it for.

Whether it’s landscaping or farming applications, you can find an attachment that will make your job easier and more efficient.

Kubota L47 Vs M62

The Kubota L47 and M62 are two popular models of tractors from the respected brand. Both offer impressive performance, with the L47 boasting a turbocharged 47 HP engine and the M62 having a 62 HP diesel motor. The L47 is a lighter machine that is well-suited to small farms, construction sites, and other applications requiring smaller horsepower numbers.

The larger M62 has more power for bigger tasks such as landscaping or loader work. Both machines have advanced features like hydrostatic drive systems to ensure smooth operation while providing excellent value for money.

Kubota L47 Problems

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What are the Most Common Problems With Kubota Tractors?

Kubota tractors are known for their reliable performance and being incredibly cost-effective, but like any other machine, they can experience problems. The most common problem with Kubota tractors is engine trouble, which includes sluggish performance or poor fuel economy due to clogged air filters and bad spark plugs. Other issues include faulty hydraulics that cause the tractor not to lift its implements properly, worn belts that need replacing or broken cables that require repair.

Additionally, some owners have reported electrical problems such as dead batteries caused by a defective alternator or charging system. Finally, some users experience difficulty starting their engines due to inadequate fuel supply or dirty carburetors.

To avoid these common issues with your Kubota tractor it’s important to perform regular maintenance and tune-ups according to manufacturer guidelines and replace parts when necessary—this will help keep your tractor running smoothly for years!

How Much is a Kubota L47 Tractor?

The Kubota L47 tractor is a powerful and reliable machine that can be used for various farming, landscaping and construction applications. It has a 40 HP engine, 4-wheel drive (4WD) transmission with high/low range selection, 3 point hitch lift capacity of up to 930 pounds, hydraulic power steering, an auxiliary hydraulics system and adjustable front axle suspension. This tractor has been designed to provide maximum performance in challenging terrain while being easy to operate and maintain.

The Kubota L47 tractor is available at different dealerships across the country at varying prices depending on features included as well as any additional accessories you may wish to purchase. On average, this model retails between $25000-$30000 USD depending on where it’s purchased from or its condition. With such great capability comes a higher price tag but it’s worth every penny if you need the best possible reliability when tackling tough tasks outdoors!

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How Many Horsepower is a Kubota L47 Pto?

The Kubota L47 PTO is a powerful machine that produces an impressive 47 horsepower. This makes it one of the most powerful tractors in its class, and it can be used for a variety of applications such as plowing, tilling, mowing, and hauling. With its large engine capacity and high-torque output, this model can handle even the toughest jobs with ease.

Additionally, its PTO (power take off) system allows you to easily attach compatible implements like rotary cutters or bush hoggers so you can expand your tractor’s capabilities even further. Whether you need a reliable workhorse on your farm or just an everyday tool around the homestead, the Kubota L47 PTO will make short work of any task you throw at it!

What is the Hydraulic Flow Rate of a Kubota L47?

The hydraulic flow rate of a Kubota L47 is 11.5 gallons per minute (GPM) at an engine speed of 2,500 rpm and a pressure of 3,000 psi. The hydraulic system on the Kubota L47 consists of two pumps, one for high-pressure operation and one for low-pressure operation. The maximum flow rate achievable from the high-pressure pump is 9 GPM while the low-pressure pump can provide up to 4 GPM in total output capacity when both are running simultaneously.

In terms of power output, this translates to about 144 horsepower at 2,500 rpm with 3% slip which makes it ideal for operating tractors or other heavy machinery that requires relatively large amounts of power but can still fit within tight operating spaces due to its size and weight. Additionally, because these machines require lesser fuel consumption compared to traditional diesel engines they are often seen as more cost effective solutions in many applications.


This blog post has provided a comprehensive overview of some of the common Kubota L47 problems and how to address them. It is clear that, with proper maintenance and care, this tractor can be a reliable workhorse for many years. While it may require more frequent servicing than other tractors in its class, the quality of build makes any additional costs well worth it.

With regular inspections and repairs, these issues can be prevented or minimized and you will have an excellent tractor at your disposal for years to come.

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