Kubota B1700 Problems

Kubota B1700 tractors are known to be very reliable, but like all machines they may experience problems from time to time. Common issues that have been reported include engine oil leaks, starter motor problems, blocked fuel filters and air filters, ignition switch problems and transmission issues. Other common complaints are difficulty starting the tractor or a stalling engine with little power when accelerating.

In some cases the PTO clutch has also been found to not engage properly causing loss of power while mowing or ploughing. To address these issues it is important to regularly service the tractor by changing oil filter and air filter as well as checking belts for wear and tear. It is also essential that any electrical components such as wiring harnesses or ignition switches should be regularly checked for faults.

The Kubota B1700 is a reliable tractor, but like any machine it can have its share of problems. Common issues with the Kubota B1700 include engine troubles, transmission difficulties, and electrical malfunctions. In addition to these mechanical issues, users may also experience difficulty starting or shutting off their equipment due to faulty wiring or fuel delivery systems.

Fortunately, most of these problems are easy to diagnose and repair without the assistance of a professional mechanic.

Kubota B1700 Price

The Kubota B1700 is one of the most popular and reliable compact tractors on the market. It offers a powerful engine, excellent maneuverability, and great value for money. The average price range for a used Kubota B1700 tractor is between $8,000 to $10,000 depending on its condition and features.

Newer models may cost more due to additional features or upgrades but can still be an excellent investment for anyone looking to purchase a quality compact tractor.

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Kubota B1700 Specs

The Kubota B1700 is a compact tractor with an impressive range of specs. It has a three-cylinder diesel engine that produces 17 HP, and comes equipped with either 4WD or 2WD depending on the model. The B1700 has hydrostatic power steering for easy maneuvering, as well as a two-range transmission system for simple shifting between gears.

With its powerful engine and efficient design, this machine is perfect for light to medium workloads in farming, landscaping, and construction applications.

Kubota B1700 Problems

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What are the Most Common Problems With Kubota Tractors?

Kubota tractors are renowned for their dependability and robust performance, but like any piece of machinery they can sometimes develop problems. The most common problems with Kubota tractors include issues related to the starter motor, battery, fuel supply system, cooling system, and transmission. Starter motors may fail due to faulty brushes or a dead solenoid leading to an inability to start the tractor’s engine.

Battery failure is usually caused by corrosion on the terminals leading to poor electrical contact or a bad cell in the battery pack itself. Fuel supply systems may need attention if there are leaks from fuel lines or injector pump seals that cause air bubbles in the system which can lead to poor starting or running conditions. Cooling systems require regular maintenance as well with coolant hoses being checked for cracks and blockages that could lead to overheating of either the engine or hydraulic systems.

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What Engine is in a Kubota B1700?

A Kubota B1700 is equipped with a 3-cylinder, 17HP diesel engine. This powerful and reliable engine provides excellent performance for the operation of agricultural machinery such as mowers, tractors, and other heavy equipment. The engine has a maximum power output of 24.9 kW (33 HP) at 2200 rpm and delivers up to 25% greater fuel efficiency compared to similar engines in its class.

It also features an advanced combustion system that produces fewer emissions while providing better overall fuel economy than conventional engines. Additionally, the Kubota B1700’s robust design makes it resistant to shock loads and vibration which increases its durability even under extreme conditions.

How Much Can a Kubota B1700 Lift?

The Kubota B1700 is a powerful and reliable tractor that can be used for a variety of projects. It has an impressive lifting capacity, allowing it to handle up to 1000 lbs. on the rear 3-point hitch and 1500 lbs.

with its front loader bucket attachment. This makes it great for loading hay bales, pallets, rocks, logs and other large items with ease. With its 4WD drivetrain system and hydrostatic transmission, you’ll have plenty of power available when tackling tough tasks like moving soil or pulling out stubborn tree stumps as well.

The Kubota B1700 is also capable of mowing grass quickly thanks to its mid-mounted deck powered by the 23 HP diesel engine which provides plenty of torque to get through thick brush or tall grass in no time at all!

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What is the Capacity of a Kubota B1700 Loader?

The Kubota B1700 loader is a great tractor for homeowners and commercial operators alike. It has a powerful 17HP engine, 4-wheel drive, and 3-point hitch for easy attachment of implements. When it comes to capacity, the Kubota B1700 loader can lift up to 1,200 pounds in the front bucket alone or 2,250 pounds when lifting with its three-point hitch.

For heavier loads such as large logs or rocks, the maximum rated load capacity increases to an impressive 5400 lbs at 35% of tipping angle – that’s quite a lot of weight! Furthermore, you can add additional attachments such as forks and grapples onto your machine to increase its overall carrying capacity even more. With all these features combined together into one package – it’s no surprise why so many homes and businesses have chosen the dependable Kubota B1700 loader over other brands on the market today.


This blog post has provided an overview of some common problems encountered with the Kubota B1700. From fuel system issues to hydraulic leaks, owners should be aware of these possible issues and take the necessary steps to prevent or address them when they occur. Ultimately, maintaining your Kubota B1700 properly is key in order to keep it running smoothly and avoid any major breakdowns or malfunctions.

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